start where you are

2013 got off to a rocky start.  i was feeling physically and emotionally drained.  meanwhile, i had committed to starting a 52 week self-portraiture class for women*, led by two inspiring women.  i expressed my trepidation and they offered words of encouragement and insight, telling me that perhaps this class is just what i needed.  and they were right.  photography, self-portraits nonetheless, are helping me find my way, just like they said.  and, as an added bonus, it is offering my daughter and i a different way to be creative together.  these are from tonight’s whimsical photo shoot.

channeling our silliness
whimsy 3
i think she’s getting the hang of it (this one is coco’s favorite)
whimsy 2
“okay, mom, one more then dessert.”

then i pulled out the bubbles & coco’s expression is genuine delight & surprise.  this one is my favorite.  not posed, just sheer happiness.  hot damn, i am really loving this photography thing.

whimsy 4

*the fab kristin zecchinelli & meredith winn are leading this wonderful self-portraiture journey*

2 Comments on “start where you are

  1. oh this makes me so happy! to see these photos, yes, the sheer joy! but also your words to match. start where you are… theres on better way. i’m honored to be on this journey with you.

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