i love my home.

the kitchen cabinets are ugly and the windows are drafty and the wood is falling off the front of the house.  the roof is a disaster and we have two chimneys without one working fireplace.  the furnace is constantly having issues and our well water is sometimes brown.


i love the sounds and smells and how it feels to walk in the door after a long day.  i love snuggling on the couch with a book a a glass of wine on a cold night.  i love how content i feel at home.

the outdoor space surrounding our home is perfect.  apple trees and open green space and woods and wildlife.  today, the snow has melted and the yard is a yuck colored brown.  but this doesn’t make any difference.  no matter the weather, this is our little slice of heaven.  it’s home.





time to go in for dinner.


One Comment on “home

  1. I love your home! Cillians first Christmas was so special there! Warms my heart thinking about it!

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