love never dies


i got a chance to spend time with one of my favorite families on the planet today.  i love them for many reasons, but one of the best aspects about this family is how freakin’ awesome they are when they are all together.  in the almost 20 years knowing them, i have never tired of spending time at their home, sitting around the kitchen table, and just being in their space.  they are funny and loving.  they annoy each other and yell.  they are crazy, in the best ways.  and above all, they adore each other.  i seriously never want to leave.

the visit today was much different than any other time.  the dad (husband and grandfather) passed away this weekend.  it was sudden and unexpected.  being there without him was heartbreaking.  the air was heavy with grief.  we sat in the living room and laughed and cried.  but i couldn’t stop thinking about the kitchen table.  and how every visit from now on will be forever missing one.



i took a few minutes outside to take these photos of the tulips in their front yard.  the images serve as a metaphor for this family:  so much love and beauty, yet a little out of sorts in today’s setting.

unlike tulips, though, love never dies.

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