letter to my daughter

to my daughter,

you are my shadow, my friend, my love.  this weekend, you played dress up so i could practice taking photos in different lighting.  so, you became my ballerina, my rocker, my librarian, my chef.  you then decided that you wanted to put the weekly quote on the chalkboard.  all by yourself, you chose the quote, i wasn’t allowed to look.  after you finished writing, you turned, proud to show me your chosen words:  “go confidently in the direction of your dreams.  live the life you’ve imagined.”  tears filled my eyes.

thank you for picking me to be your mama.  i love you.IMG_4036








3 Comments on “letter to my daughter

  1. Young enough to be missing front teeth, but still knows how to use punctuation!!! And I say future Librarian, the look was nailed!!!

  2. She is an old soul, that Cavannah. As they say in Ireland “She’s been here before.”
    Keep these wonderful moments coming. You are lifting me up.

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