seeking solace


it’s almost impossible to believe that things in the boston area have gotten even crazier since my  last post about the marathon.  and i’m one of those people that glues myself to any form of news updates every hour of the day, in events like this.  possibly due to my obsession, i have been having some serious doubts about my faith in humanity.  most of the time, i am confident that most people have a good heart.  this week has challenged my mindset.

i was away from the boston area for much of the week.  i almost felt guilty, having the advantage of miles between me and the city under terror, while my co-workers, friends and loved ones were there.  but i still needed a mental escape.  i found solace at an unlikely place:  arlington national cemetery.  for a short period of time, i felt peace.  i forgot about the terror in boston.  i spent time with my Dad.  it was a perfect reminder of his fearlessness fueled by goodness.





IMG_5685  IMG_5670



2 Comments on “seeking solace

    • thanks, m. maybe someday i’ll get good enough to do it without spending lots of time on each one : )

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