letter to my daughter | april

IMG_5971this whole blogging thing is new for me.  i debated creating one, as there are sooo many blogs, and i wasn’t sure i had much to offer that wasn’t already out there.  then i realized that i could create a blog for me.  as a way to stay motivated to take pictures, as i learn the fundamentals of photography.  and so far, it has.  but beyond this, the blog has served other purposes.  i can give a (typed) written voice to the thoughts in my head, such as the my emotions around the boston marathon.  i can also use this blog as a way to journal my relationship with my daughter, as she is often a subject in my photos.  i can also capture her essence in words.  inspired by some wonderful parents blogging letters to their children, i will use this space to write a letter to my own sweet girl here every month. . .

to my daughter,

you are growing up so fast.  this past month, we take a road trip, just the two of us.  and i realize that you are no longer the little kid that i need to keep entertained in the backseat.  we have conversations about current events, you ask questions about life (childbirth!), you share your fears, and we sift through our feelings about friendships and family.  we debate what songs we each want to hear in the car.  we sing at the top of our lungs, and talk about our upcoming concerts.  we walk through city streets, hand in hand, taking in the scenery of our nation’s capital.  we visit my Dad, your grandfather, at arlington.  you sit next to me, and we just talk and talk.  you are patient as i linger at the cemetery, understanding that i never want to leave.  we come home, and resume our day-to-day routine.  you start your spring soccer season and we practice in the yard every chance we get.  you tell me that soon, you won’t need me at the bus stop anymore.  i feel a twinge in my heart.  you are right.

our relationship is changing.  i have, and will always, provide you with roots.  but you are growing your wings.  they are growing each and every day.  and as your mamma, i need to nurture your ability to fly.  it won’t always be easy, but i’ll do my best.

i love you so much.  more and more every day.IMG_5371





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