celebrating seven

i’d be lying if i said i was totally zen about the thunderstorms in the weather forecast for the big 7 party day.  in fact, i was nowhere near zen.  i adore my home.  but the actual house is small and not well suited to handle a couple of birthday celebrations in a day.  the yard, on the other hand, could handle hundreds if needed.  on a nice day.

yet despite the forecast and the rainy start to the day, the afternoon was sunny and beautiful.  we started the day with the last game of the soccer season (and a hat trick, YES!) and then had a perfect day of celebrating seven trips ’round the sun.

we had stayed up late the night before, party prepping, and i was confident we had (most) things in order.  turns out we had lots of last minute things to do.  luckily, my family understood this, as always, and stepped up to the plate, running around and helping me set up.  all for her.

happy seven, little love.  don’t forget:  you’ve promised that you won’t get any older after this one. . .





5 Comments on “celebrating seven

  1. Colleen: what beautiful captures of the special day; i can feel the love and happiness. thanks for visiting my blog (i’m so glad to know about yours). cheers to soaking up the good!

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