solid sound

IMG_8883i can’t carry a tune.  at all.  and i couldn’t play an instrument if my life depended on it.  but i love music.  and i really love being able to share the experience of live music with my daughter.  to me, it is a display of dedication and passion and art and love.

she has been fortunate to have experienced live music a lot in her seven years.  this past weekend, we went to solid sound music & art festival for the second time, the first being when she barely turned five.  last time, it POURED.  poured and poured and poured.  she was such a trooper and we still had fun, but she definitely identified solid sound with rain.  this time around, it was pushing 100 degrees.  and she embraced the weekend completely – singing, dancing, camping, hula hooping, meeting new friends.  she even decided to keep the same outfit on for most of the time.  which is huge, considering on a normal day, she changes at least 3 times.

at one point during the festival, she commented about how a house needs to be filled with music and love.  i laughed.  she looked at me, serious, and said, “what?  that’s what you always say.”  yes.  yes, i do.  we may not have money, but we do have that.IMG_8864IMG_8940IMG_8936IMG_8976IMG_8980IMG_9000IMG_9011IMG_9029IMG_9262IMG_9213IMG_9054IMG_9097IMG_9119

5 Comments on “solid sound

  1. Her little hear glasses are rad and all her happy music scenes. I completely love her quote ” love and music” sums up a bunch right there those two powerful things! Lucky gir little trooper girl.

  2. Those pics r awesome! Love the one of her sitting on the hardwood floor. The lighting is so cool. And the one w headphones is sick too!!!

    Looks like u had a great time!!!!

    Miss you!!!

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  3. I absolutely love every one of these pictures. What a beautiful hippie babe! Great work – taking pics and mom-ing! Love yous

  4. At the end of the day, that’s really all we need: music and love. You nailed it on that one, sweets. So awesome you share this with your little one – and she LIKES it! I tried that with my 8-year old son last fall for an Eddie Vedder solo show…and it was a complete disaster {little turd} 😉

    • i think one day, we should go to a PJ show together. better yet, an eddie show, i’ve never seen him solo. we can leave the kiddos at home 🙂

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