my beautiful, strong girls


i still haven’t gotten my camera fixed. however, my cousin (who also happens to be one of my favorite people on the planet) asked me to take some photos of her for her partner, as he is taking off for work for a while. i was able to borrow a camera, and she came to the house armed with a few outfits for me to shoot her in. she was nervous at first, and i tried reassuring her, while inwardly understanding. no matter our shape, size, or age, it seems normal in our culture to feel self-conscious in front of the camera. doubt creeps in. self-criticism takes hold. and yet, there is so much to be learned by embracing the vulnerability, throwing our feelings of low self-worth out the window, and reveling in our selves, in who we are, and capturing those moments of glory.

she’s gorgeous, inside and out, so my job as the person behind the camera was easy. what i realized, though, was how much this sort of experience resonated with me. creating an environment where a female feels comfortable and strong and worthy of self-love. as i took the photos, i watched her gain confidence. i could physically see it. i feel so blessed that she trusted me enough to share this experience with her.

IMG_0988IMG_1162-001this happened to coincide with kind of a chaotic week. i am still getting back into the swing of things after the canadian rockies adventure. additionally, summer camp has ended for the little lady, and school doesn’t start until next week. hence, balancing work while occupying a seven year old was my daily (almost impossible) task. we had to get creative. my daughter adores my cousin, and therefore, she wanted a photo shoot too. with various outfits. while the little one’s photo shoot was way more conservative (and age appropriate) in her chef, gymnast, and farmer costumes, she still seemed to experience a similar confidence boost. it was a blast having her tell me what she wanted to wear, how she wanted to pose, and the props she wanted to use. and as an added bonus, it gave us an activity to keep her entertained. next week, when she climbs onto the bus to start second grade, i’ll be crying, and wishing i could stop time. but today, i am enjoying watching her confidence overflow.



3 Comments on “my beautiful, strong girls

  1. Each picture sprouted a gray hair! Hope Cillian doesn’t grow this fast!

  2. Love you! Thank you for doing this and taking such beaaaaautiful pictures of me. You’re fabulous.

  3. you did an awesome job with your cousin, gorgeous girl. And your girl, I was giggling at how she is a natural in front of the camera. So funny and very darling. Our kids also start next week. I’m not kidding when I tell you it felt like yesterday my littlest and only girl was going into second grade and next Wednesday she will be entering 6th grade which is considered middle school here and then there is Dman, he is moving onto high school while the oldest is in the world working and hopefully going to college but so far that’s to be decided?? He is a free spirit let’s just say.

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