letter to my daughter | september

letter to my daughter

to my daughter,

oh my.  this month swooped in with force and left just as strong.  as i contemplated this month’s letter to you, i thought about how you started a new chapter – 2nd grade!  it’s really remarkable how you develop so quickly, and with each passing month, i see your unique YOU evolve.  i also note how you are sometimes a little mirror, reflecting many qualities you seem to have inherited from me:  you love having your days packed with activities but also really enjoy snuggle time on the couch.  you pause to appreciate sunsets.  you could spend the rest of your life without a television but get a little nutty without the internet after a day or two.  you love the taste of coffee (even though i don’t let you drink it).  you love chocolate and yet one of your favorite desserts is vegan carrot cake from cafe indigo.  you are (overly?) sensitive.  and (overly?) analytical.  you don’t do well with good byes.  you get moody, especially when you’re thirsty/hungry.  you consider h-a-t-e to be a swear word.  you LOVE hugs.  you say i love you a lot.

this month, we have spoken more than ever about the value of genuine relationships.  this is another area that we are similar.  i see how you strongly you respond to certain people, the ones that truly invest themselves in their connection with you.  whether it’s a friend from your class, a relative, or one of my friends, you appreciate the energy, effort, and time that goes into creating and maintaining a connection that is strong and true.  how do i know this?  because i’ve seen you with other people, ones that you know well, and you don’t respond in the same way.  perhaps you are incredibly intuitive and can already grasp this concept at the ripe old age of seven.  or maybe your (overly?) analytical self evaluates your interactions and makes conscious decisions about how you respond.  i don’t know.  whatever the reason, i am proud of you.  being this sort of person is not always easy.  sometimes, being this sort of person brings high expectations.  of ourselves.  of others.  of friendships that have run their course or ones that are just beginning.

my biggest piece of advice for you would be to be the friend that YOU would want others to be to you.  we have no control over other people.  but if we behave in a way that makes us feel good and whole in our interactions with others, then it is highly possible that your love will be reflected back at you.  my little mirror.

One Comment on “letter to my daughter | september

  1. How I wish my mama would have left me letters. Your little one will have so many treasures to go back on one day. I love how you describe her, she will love that too. Your advice is golden and so true, I would couple that with having no grand expectations, just do as one’s heart feels but expect nothing in return. Because you are so right we ONLY have control of ourselves:) Thank you for the love you leave me too, I always appreciate your visits.

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