gallimaufrypatchwork of random thoughts after a long weekend:

i want. . . to better identify my talents – my personal convergence of characteristics, abilities, knowledge – and utilize them to better myself and the world.

i am embracing. . . that some roads are lonely roads.  i need to walk them anyway.

i enjoy. . . bold conversations.  chewing on life with friends is therapy for my soul.

i struggle. . . with the envy i have of two parent families.  being a single mother is hard.

i am grateful. . . for the love of my family and friends.

i have been. . . cherishing the little moments with the little lady and sweet pup.

i am going to. . . process my thoughts more through writing.

i believe. . . that part of being a whole person is following my heart.

*gallimaufry:  a jumble; a hodgepodge (post inspired by the lovely susannah conway)

6 Comments on “gallimaufry*

  1. May I tell you I love that you express your real true feelings. May I tell you that my mama was a single mom for a while and I have the best memories just being with my mom. I have real vivid memories of driving around with her in her v.w. bug, having fast food, sharing ice creams and so much more. I know it’s probably very hard but I bet your girl will have those memories like me, but even more so because you two also go on far more adventures than I did with my mama.

    • this makes me so happy, tracie, to hear your perspective. i have such a hard time with it just being her and i some days – hard in the sense that i hope that she isn’t “missing out” because it’s just the two of us. i so hope that one day she’ll have memories similar to yours and she is grateful for the time we share together. thank you so much.

  2. You are a strong, steady light for that little girl of yours.
    She is so lucky.

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