paint a picture

new beginnings

i woke up this morning, and the above image is what i saw.  from my pillow.  the sun rising, waking up my corner of the world with bright hues. . . a beautiful image of a new day, of new beginnings.  i paused, took a deep breath, and felt grateful for this brief moment before my day shifted into high gear.

after a morning of meetings, i snuck away from the office for lunch with a dear friend, whom i have known for a decade.  we don’t see each other often, and i am still struck by how quickly we connect with ease in each other’s space, no matter how much time has passed.  we spoke about changes and transitions, and he shared some advice he was recently given.  “paint a picture,” he said.  paint of picture of what you want your life to look like:  who you wake up next to, how you spend your days, what your surroundings look like, what are the priorities, how you feel.  the morning view from my pillow immediately came to mind.  while he spoke, i started to plug in the answers to his questions into my picture.  he concluded by saying how it was a nice visual to help shape our personal future.  yes.   at the foundation of mine – a bright beautiful light, rising above the dark horizon, filled with new hope and strength.  go ahead, paint a picture.

2 Comments on “paint a picture

  1. He is very wise. I have witnessed evidence that his way of thinking really works. I can’t wait to see the picture you paint. I need to work on my painting too. We both deserve to paint pictures exactly as we wish to see them. This sometimes is hard for me. I often just don’t think I deserve things. My really great friend from childhood is very much like your friend described above. I have seen such wonderful things come to light in her life because of her vivid paintings. My painting would begin with smooth legs without blemish or sores. Now I just need to believe it.

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