it’s a fine line

fine linewe all have our shit.  we have our good days and bad days.  sometimes those days string together into weeks, months, years.  depending on any number of factors – our upbringing, our life experiences, our personalities, our relationships – we cope with our high and low stressors in any number of ways.  time with friends.  alone time.  alcohol or drugs.  art.  journaling.  cooking.  therapy.  moving.  traveling.  work.  running.  sex.  blogging.  all of which can be useful in moderation.  it can be a fine line, though, we walk between comfort and numbing, between determination and apathy, between light and darkness.  it’s this line that i find i need to be mindful of, to ensure my personal growth.  if i don’t walk it carefully, i can go from being balanced to contradictory with a few missteps.  and it’s in walking this fine line that joy can be found, in big and small ways.

thinking about this, i realize that there are dichotomies we face in our daily lives.  these contrasts pull at us in opposing ways, perhaps making it more challenging to explore, understand, and cope with our emotions and experiences. i believe that if we acknowledge our personal contradictions, we will be more apt to walk that fine line, with balance and happiness.  these are a few of the dichotomies that i, or my loved ones, are grappling with lately:

~ being grateful for the goodness while accepting the struggles

~ creating a workplace that is personally enriching while understanding the pace of organizational culture

~ feeling the deep sorrow that comes with grieving the loss of a loved one while finding happiness in our memories

~ voicing our feelings and communicating while recognizing that some methods are more effective and appropriate, depending on the circumstance (this is one i’m working on with my 7 year old)

~ finding it in ourselves to forgive others while maintaining our own self-respect

~ pursuing big dreams while considering life’s little realities

~ accepting help and support while being self-reliant

~ listening to advice from family/friends while designing a life that is true to our heart’s desires

early morning hope“we are a mass of contradictions.  always trying to be more, yet trying to accept and love ourselves just as we are.  trying to accept the reality of the human experience while knowing that we are also spiritual beings.  we suffer, yet we can rise above our suffering.  we experience loss, yet we feel love forever.  we take life for granted, yet we know it does not last.  we live in a world filled with less and more, with cycles of scarcity and abundance, big and small. . . part of dealing with this means understanding that life does not revolve around our big moments:  the promotion, the wedding, the retirement, and the cure.  life also occurs between the big moments.  much of what we need to learn is found in the small moments of life.” ~ elisabeth kubler-ross/david kessler, life lessons

8 Comments on “it’s a fine line

  1. your timing. perfect. your images well suited. Just this week I had to say goodbye to a friend and co-worker and I always find comfort in the memories, that they can’t be taken away from me. So much of what you expressed here is exactly what I needed this week. I love how we are in this together.

    • tracie – i am so sorry to hear about your loss. i do hope you can take comfort in the memories. that’s definitely part of what keeps me going. the memories as well as the lessons and love i learned. none of that can be taken away. big hugs to you.

  2. Wow! I am speechless! I love it! I love you!

    I miss you.

    I hope we can both continue to grow and it leads us back to each other because I really love you so much!

    • happy you liked it. . . i am still not sure i conveyed what i was thinking, but i’m going to keep working at it : )

  3. You are so thoughtful and deliberate, Colleen; that’s the thing that you can trust and keep trusting.

    We’re all looking forward to your visit!


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