the space in between

soweto lovethis year, particularly this fall, has brought so much joy into my world.  it has also brought many unexpected challenges.  as the year winds down, people inevitably start talking about reflecting on the past year, and look towards the new year, to new beginnings and creating resolutions.  i’ve never been a big proponent of new year’s resolutions.  if you want to resolve to do something, then why wait for a date on the calendar?  however, given the ups and downs of late, i am thinking of viewing the new year through a different lens.  i’m still not sold on the cliche new year’s resolution idea but perhaps just to take stock of 2013 and set intentions for 2014.

i’m feeling a bit like i’m in this space in between.  i am digging deep to a place within, evaluating all that 2013 has brought and also trying to determine what the future holds – or rather, how i want to create a future that is healthy and fulfilling and happy and one that belongs to me.  this space is exhausting and exciting.  because the future can be pitch black or bright light.  full of fear or courage.  destructive or restorative.  what matters, to me, is to pay attention to how and why i’m in this space.  to listen to what i’m hungry for next.  to stretch my emotional muscles by feeding those cravings.  i am still mulling this all over, but this much i know:  i’m ready to be cracked open.

2 Comments on “the space in between

  1. The image is beautiful, I see a heart in those dying flowers. I like the way you feel about resolutions….why wait for that date? You are very proactive. Much love to you.

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