my word

in light of embracing new beginnings with the new year, i have decided to choose a word to help guide me through 2014.  i first thought about it about a month or two ago, wanting to choose a word that would be encouraging and inspiring.  help me expand.  and immediately, i thought, RISE.  over the last few weeks, true to self, i over-analyzed my word, wondering if i should choose something different.  but RISE kept coming back to me.  it just holds so much potential.

the meanings of rise: to move upward; to become higher; to assume an upright position; to respond warmly; to become heartened or elated; to come into being; to exert oneself to meet a challenge; to get up after falling or being thrown down; to become active in opposition or resistance – revolt or rebel; to appear above the horizon.



2 Comments on “my word

    • oh my goodness, i am SO happy you are doing this too. and our words are similar! we can keep each other accountable : )

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