what fills your cup?

fill it to the brim

as we approach the halfway mark of the first month of 2014, we move away from the chaos of the holiday season.  for me, this means a more peaceful, settled feeling in my day-to-day.  i continue to ponder what fulfills me.  what feelings fill my cup?  what feelings sustain me?  inspire me?  make me feel expanded?  challenge me?  warm my heart?  and i am curious about how others fill their cup.

however we individually choose to fill – or keep space – in our cups, may we feel empowered.  give good hugs.  work hard.  play harder.  count our blessings.  get comfortable with our intuitions.  read books.  own our mistakes, for they are often life lessons in shitty disguises.  climb mountains and feel on top of the world, even for a moment.  wake up early to watch the sunrise.  nurture true friendships.  give ourselves room to expand and contract.  respect the elderly.  stretch our emotional muscles.  eat veggies.  disconnect.  connect.  disconnect again.  say thank you.  look at ourselves, naked in the mirror, and behold all of our strength.  drink good coffee.  be kind to animals.  know when to let go.  let our tears fall.  jump high.  tell people we love “i love you” often.  experience live music.  meet the moment, even when it’s hard.  give consideration to boundaries.  send real letters.  practice compassion.  have good sex. give ourselves permission to be ourselves.  be open to new experiences.  support local business owners.  love hard.   follow our guts, but not after a night of drinking.  free ourselves of bitterness through forgiveness.  recycle.  take responsibility for our actions.  be bold.  refrain from passing judgement on others’ relationships.  be able to say to someone’s face what you would say behind their back.  believe in the power of positive thinking.  kiss deeply but not sloppy.  embrace vulnerability.  indulge our wanderlust.  fight for equality.  express our creative spirit.  listen to our hearts above all other voices.  open wide – and ask for – what we want.  write our own stories.  fill our cups.  let them overflow.  empty them out.  fill them back up again.

4 Comments on “what fills your cup?

  1. “fill our cups. let them overflow. empty them out. fill them back up again.”

    Yes, yes, and yes! Love this concept and this approach to life. My cup right now is empty, but eagerly awaiting a new brew. My life feels full of transition, and I’m excited to see what new “flavor” will enter my cup soon.

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