let go. find joy.

let go

we have what it takes.  to let go.  of fear, judgment, anxiety, expectations, disappointment, betrayal, loss.  there is a joy that comes with letting go.

it is human nature to become attached to an idea, a person, an object.  to devote time and energy into obtaining material things, relationships, our dreams and desires.  and then we are scarred when they fall from our grasp for whatever reason.  it threatens who we are, or who we think we are.  it challenges our values, or what we think we value.  the emotional consequences can be never ending, if we let them.

we have a choice.  we can choose to live life bitter, mad, or guilty.  about the things or people we lose.  the mistakes we made.  the expectations that weren’t fulfilled.  the choice to live life with bitterness, anger, and guilt won’t allow us to be filled with pleasure, wonder or happiness.  in order to live life with abundant joy, we need to empty ourselves of the negativity.

letting go doesn’t mean we give up.  it doesn’t mean we forget.  it doesn’t mean we aren’t survivors.  it doesn’t mean we aren’t shaped by loss.  it means we are making a conscious decision to choose to define the terms of our own life, despite – and because of – our losses.  it means we are adapting to the realities of life.  it means we are ever-evolving, opening our hearts and minds to opportunity and goodness.

we have it in us.  to let go of whatever is holding us back.  regret.  friends that drain us.  resentment.  lovers that betray us.  excuses.  approval from others.  jealousy.  white picket fences.  blame.  egos.  smartphone obsessions.  comparisons.  unrealistic and unhealthy body ideals.  feeling trapped.  arrogance.  fear.  self-pity.  unworthiness.

letting go of whatever is holding us back allows us to be the most radiant, brave, compassionate, dynamic people we are capable of being.  let go and find joy.


so we took down all the pictures
and then we took down all the walls
packed up our expectations
piled them in the hall
yeah we bagged our future
kicked it to the curb
and then we stood there unencumbered
and we stood there undeterred
cause we were done clinging
to the things we were afraid to lose
and the only thing left
was a breathtaking view

~ ani difranco

4 Comments on “let go. find joy.

  1. You posted this exactly on the day I needed to hear it. Thank you 🙂

  2. I think it would be nice if we could just sit for a while and talk about this more. LET GO. Sounds so easy right. Why is it NOT. I seem to just want to hold on tight to a bunch of crap. That being said, I also needed to hear this. Thank you. Love your friend Tracie and btw the purple background with the first image…STUNNING.

  3. You have a stunning ability to communicate the essence of our day to day human lives, in a feminine, strong, nurturing way. I have had a rough few days, despite digging deep into what I have learned, and courageous to try new paths. Little has helped, but upon reading, you give me hope. Hope that there are beautiful women out there and there is hope for me to connect and find those on a similar path as my own.

  4. Your language flows easily. Will this become something special for Coco? When do you think she will be mature enough to understand and actually use it as a tool?
    I do hope you can share and come full circle with words and feelings. 🙈🙉🙊

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