letter to my daughter | april

cocoto my daughter,

this is the last month that you are seven years old.  and my goodness, you are growing in big and bold ways.  the days on the calendar pass by, and we have our routine, just the two of us.  we seamlessly fit into each other’s space, spending time reading, playing soccer, exploring the outdoors, or just sitting and talking.  so often, i am amazed by your insightful questions, your thoughtful responses, your humor, and how old you seem.  and what really blows me away is how much you have become my little partner, my friend, as we experience life together.

this month, we did all sorts of wonderful things together.  we planted trees.  we watched the boston marathon together.  we talked through new living arrangements.  we made summer plans.  we talk through your desire to be a vegetarian.  instead of planning activities and events for you, we often do it together.  you have your opinions and fears and interests.  i try my best to balance being the protective parent with allowing you the room you need to grow and develop into your unique self.  it excites me that you are finding your way, coming into your own.  it also pulls at the heartstrings a bit, the thought of you growing into a self-aware, emotional, funny, dramatic little girl.  i so want to be able to be the fuel of your fire of growth, providing you the spark that you need to really light up in the brightest ways.  and at the same time, i want to stop time.  for you to stay my baby girl forever.

and then we have nights like tonight.  our normal routine of soccer practice, dinner, and playing cards.  you push the limits to stay up a little later.  and then, as i’m tucking you into bed, i hug and kiss you good night.  i walk away, and you ask for another hug.  and i melt.  you will always be my little girl.

plantin treesplantin trees toohappy girl

One Comment on “letter to my daughter | april

  1. Oh, this is beautiful! It truly moved me to tears. ❤

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