About Me

I have a big heart and a wild spirit to match it.  I am full of contradictions:  gentle but bold; sensitive but strong; opinionated but open-minded; hopeless romantic but a dirty mind.  I am a champion of gratitude. I am the proud mother of a kind-hearted young girl.  I’m pretty sure if she swore, her description of me would be something like:  “My mom is crazy, but she loves the shit out of me.”

I dream of a world that is awakened and inspired, where equality and difference and love are sewn into the fabric of humanity.  I believe in searching for deeper meanings, in ourselves and through shared experiences, in order to feel whole.  I strive to live with passion, to do what fulfills and sustains me.

Attempting to write and reflect and taking photos allows me the opportunity to be an explorer in my own life.  I strive to become more in tune to the details of my surroundings, raising the quality of attention I bring to meet each moment…and share a bit of that in this space.  I am so so grateful you are here.

~ why “fearlessness fueled by goodness“? read about it here.

~ email me:  colleen(at)fearlessnessfueledbygoodness.com

3 Comments on “About Me

  1. Your beautiful card arrived, up on my board now. Thank you. Colleen.

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